Meiji Jingu is one of the main attractions in HARAJUKU and is a few minutes walk from JR Yamanote’s Harajuku Station.  It’s an amazingly quiet, peaceful place in the middle of Tokyo (see Oct 31).

However, contrasting the quiet park surrounding Meiji Jingu, literally on the other side of the train tracks, is a famous street called Takeshita Street.  The multitude of clothing shops, fast food restaurants and crepe dessert stands here apparently serve some of Japans’ trendiest teens  (I really wouldn’t know. . . although my all-time favorite clothing store -- solely due to its name NUDY BOY -- is here.)

A few minutes farther into Harajuku is Omotesando Street, with more upscale, international brand name shops (Prada, Gucci etc.). . .although we limited our shopping to the Oriental Bazaar and Kiddyland (much more up my alley!)