Tokyo was within a three to twenty minute walk from one of the loop’s stations (and if you don’t want to walk that far, you can easily transfer to a subway or metro line to get a little closer using those conveniently color-coded signs); and four, I don’t think we’ve ever waited longer than 180 seconds for the next train.

I never would have thought that one of the largest cities in the world would become a favorite vacation spot of mine, but every time I go to Tokyo, it just makes me want to go back for more!  We’ve been in Tokyo three times now, and have already collected a number of favorite places we like to visit, eat at, shop at and hang out in. . .so while there are familiar places to relax in, it’s still exciting each time, because there’s always a million more places to be discovered. . .


square mile than there are Walgreens here in the Midwest!

It only cost us $30 to have KuroNeko haul both of our large duffel bag suitcases from Kyoto to Tokyo, while we spent the night up in Mt. Koya with the convenience of just our backpacks.

Thanks to “KuroNeko,” we made it form Kyoto to Koya-san, and then back to Tokyo, without any difficulty.

“KuroNeko” is the logo for one of Japan’s very convenient courier services (kuro means black, neko means cat.)  You can find him all over -- in convenience stores, hotels, company buildings, Tokyo, there are

probably more KuroNekos per


Tokyo is “separated” into various areas/neighborhoods, each with its own distinct flavor and feel, tourist attractions, and style of shops and entertainment.  Almost all areas can be easily accessed by Tokyo’s JR (Japan Rail) Yamanote Loop line, making Tokyo extremely easy to navigate and explore. 

We love the JR Yamanote Loop for a number of reasons: one, it IS actually a loop, circling Tokyo both clockwise and counterclockwise, making it nearly impossible to get lost; two, if you somehow DID manage to get lost, there are multilingual, color-coded, arrow-laden signs all over the place; three, just about anywhere we’ve tried to get to in

Back in Tokyo!