Miyajima’s famous vermillion torii (“gateway”) was not “floating” when we saw it, as we came at low tide.  When we first came to the island, though, Sean was able to walk up to the base of it; within about 45 minutes, however, it was already partially submerged.

A short ways up the hill from the toori is Senjo-kaku, a large hall built in 1587 by Hideyoshi Toyotomi.  The hall was supposed to be painted to match the 5-story pagoda next to it, but was not completed due to Hideyoshi’s death.

We took a scenic route through some parks up to the start of the cable car ropeway.  Along the way, we found this beautiful spot next to a river and waterfall.

We were a bit early for the peak viewing season, but some trees had already started changing colors: