We return once more to Japan this year!  This time, however, we went with the goal of studying the Japanese language at Meguro Language School (great preparation for JLPT 3!)  However, we did manage to have fun in between class and studying :)

Our Japanese language teacher from America happened to be in Tokyo for a family wedding the same weekend we arrived, so we got to meet up with her Monday morning before our first class!  We went to Tsukiji Fish Market together, and enjoyed a sushi breakfast.  After she left, we were on our own!  However, knowing a bit more Japanese and being more familiar with Tokyo this time made it easier to go places and try new things. 

We spent a lot of time browsing electronic and anime stores in Akihabara; tried out some karaoke in Japanese (yikes!); went to a great comedy show put on by Tokyo Comedy Store in Roppongi; window-shopped in Ginza (I did get my hair cut there though); and visited the gardens at Meiji Jingu.  On our one day off without class, we took a short day trip to Kamakura, where we saw Daibutsu (Great Buddha) and had delicious freshly made senbei crackers toasted with soy sauce.  There was an international festival the day we went, and we got to see some local Taiko drummers and karate demonstrations as well.

Video Clips*
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From Ryokan to Class at MLCNovMovie-MLC.html
Kamakura: Great BhuddaNovMovie-Kamakura.html
Akihabara - “Electric Town”NovMovie-Akihabara.html
Food, Fun & MiscNovMovie-FoodFunMisc.html
Karaoke in IkebukuroNovMovie-Karaoke.html
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Japan: November ’07